Baighysick6 is a Portland, Oregon based company.
All our goods are embellished in the USA.

Hi, I’m Joshua, lead artist here at Baighysick6.

I started doodling in my teens, ended up studying fine art and have continued to grow as an artist ever since.

The simplicity of line art – its boldness – has always been the most familiar to me. Stark black and white, in a very gray world, speaks volumes, I feel.

This store carries all the designs I think are good enough to share with the world. As any artist will tell you, that’s not many at all XD

Skull and Crosstools is definitely one of my favorites. I penned it in 2016 and as soon as it was finished, I knew it was gonna be my next tattoo (it’s the one on my chest).

I’ll be adding more designs as we go. Whether you purchase anything from Baighysick6 or not, I hope you enjoy my work!